Decompression Traction

Elite Therapy offers Decompression Traction for the treatment of neck and back pain.  This has been an option for treatment since the clinic opened its doors in 2007 - once again demonstrating how Elite will stay current in its treatment model and provide the best possible care for their patients.

If you are suffering from cervical or lumbar degenerative conditions, disc herniations, joint disorders, or radicular pain in your upper or lower extremity, Decompression Traction may help.  The physical therapist may attempt a trial of Decompression Traction to assess the potential benefits.

At Elite Therapy, we do not use this type of treatment as a replacement for the skills of the physical therapist, we use it to supplement the manual and exercise based treatment provided by the physical therapist.

Decompression Traction at Elite Therapy is performed through the use of a Chatanooga Triton DTS traction unit.  This is a state of the art traction unit that allows the patient to recieve a very specific force of traction to provide relief to the structures being compressed.

If you have questions regarding Decompression Traction at Elite Therapy, please contact us at 570-662-1400.