"Elite Therapy is absolutely the best PT and physical therapy establishment in our area.  Marc & Chris bring a professionalism and knowledge of the human body that supasses all others." - J. H. 

"I think you did a great job in showing your care and attention to my problem areas.  Your constant communication proved to be vital in getting me back to 100% as soon as possible."   - K. H.

"I found the office staff and therapists to be efficient and friendly.  Thanks to Elite Therapy, I am now able to enjoy playing golf again.  If necessary, I would not hesitate to use their services in the future.  Thanks for all you do!" - R. S. 

"At Christmas time '07 I was unable to walk on my left leg for more than 1 1/2 minutes - on June 5th, I went on a hike for 2 hours." - C. J.

"Elite Therapy helped me get back on my feet quite literally.  Chris and the rest of the staff offered me upbeat and caring support throughout my convalescence.  I particularly appreciated the time taken to educate me concerning my surgery and what would take place during the healing process.  Elite gets my vote of confidence and an A+ grade" - M. S.